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When is Speech Recognition Bias a Good Thing?

Presented by Deepgram with Rasa and Cyrano.ai

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When is Speech Recognition Bias a Good Thing?

Machine learning bias has been in the news a lot lately. And automatic speech recognition can also suffer from bias, including bias related to gender, race, age, and non-native speaker bias. The recent 2022 State of Voice Technology report indicates that 92% of companies believe voice technology bias has an important impact on their customers, and companies like Amazon are focused on reducing this bias for consumers using their Alexa device. But what if we could use bias to our advantage and intentionally bias our AI ASR systems to better hear and understand different groups? Instead of focusing on “fixing” bias, we fix the underlying problems with ASR accuracy for all gender, race, and ages so every group can be heard and transcribed accuracy.

Tune into this panel discussion on-demand to learn insights from Adam Sypniewski, CTO of Deepgram, Rachel Tatman, Linguist and Senior Developer Advocate at RASA, and Scott Sandland, CEO of Cyrano AI. 

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn...

  • The difference between real-world and machine learning bias
  • How “fixing” bias leads to other biases of the ASR system
  • The solutions to correct biases for certain groups?

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Adam Sypniewski

Chief Technology Officer


Rachael Tatman

Senior Developer Advocate & Linguist


Scott Sandland

Chief Executive Officer