Webinar – Industry panel

How to Fuel Enterprise-Wide Transformation with Voice-Enabled AI

Wednesday, Mar 31 - 9:30AM PT | 12:30 PM ET

Presented by Deepgram featuring Agara, Red Box, Tethr, & Theta Lake

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How to Fuel Enterprise-Wide Transformation with Voice-Enabled AI

In part two of our webinar series with Red Box, we continue the discussion around the increasing importance of voice as a strategic data set. For organizations wanting to unlock the value of voice and use AI to accelerate their strategic goals, they must understand the vast opportunities and move early, identifying high-impact use cases, potential capabilities and understanding the foundational elements that are core to driving ROI from AI investments.

Join our interactive panel discussion to tap into the expertise of some of the world’s leading AI innovators from Agara, Tethr, Theta Lake, Red Box and Deepgram. Our speakers will provide guidance on how to achieve workplace transformation using voice-enabled AI, and real-life examples of how they have helped organizations achieve this.

In this webinar you will learn...

  • How to overcome the common challenges of accessing valuable voice data
  • How to identify multiple-use cases for AI and Voice across your organization
  • How to create an end-to-end strategy that incorporates best-of-breed voice and AI tech

Live on Wednesday, Mar 31

9:30AM PT | 12:30PM ET

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Arjun Maheswaran

Co-Founder & CTO


Steve Trier

Chief Product Officer


Marc Gilman

VP of Compliance

Theta Lake

Pete Ellis

Chief Product Officer

Red Box

Adam Sypniewski



Keith Lam (Moderator)

Director, Product Marketing