The Future of Sales Enablement with Voice Analysis

Presented by Deepgram + Nytro AI

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How can voice technology improve sales enablement?

Sales enablement has grown from processes, playbooks, and collateral to pipeline tracking, analysis, communication, and coaching.  Now the use of voice is becoming an integral part of sales enablement.  We now can record and analyze every part of the sales process starting with onboarding new salespeople to the final customer close meeting.  We can record practice pitch sessions, webinars, video and audio calls, and in-person meetings and then analyze them to determine buying signals, salesperson to customer talk time, good vs bad sales pitches, topics discussed, objections raised, etc. 

In this session, we will talk about the use of voice technology in sales enablement and what is the future.

In this webinar you’ll learn...

  • How voice technology has changed sales enablement
  • How receptive sales teams are to using voice technology to improve
  • What the future looks like with voice-enabled sales

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Ravish Kamath

Co-Founder & CPO


Shadi Baqleh

Chief Operating Officer