The Power of Conversations in Omnichannel

Meeting your customer wherever they are, regardless of their communication channel is more important now in a remote work environment than ever before. Organizations that implement call tracking as part of an omnichannel communication strategy allows them to deliver a seamless experience for both their customers and their agents. Watch CallTrackingMetrics and Deepgram discuss the power of conversations in omnichannel and learn how organizations can leverage voice today at scale to better support customer operations.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Emerging trends impacting omni-channel strategies
  • How to overcome challenges related to voice channels
  • Practical examples for using call tracking and transcription in your agent workflows and customer experiences

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Featured Speakers:

Todd Fisher, CEO at CallTrackingMetrics

Jason Smith, Sales Engineer at CallTrackingMetrics

Scott Stephenson, Founder and CEO at Deepgram

Jacob Visovatti, Solutions Engineer at Deepgram