Importance of Voice Technology for Customer Experiences

Tues, Jan 25 at 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7PM GMT

Presented by Deepgram with Opus Research and Authenticx

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Importance of Voice Technology for Customer Experiences

In a recent survey conducted by Opus Research, “Improving Customer Experience (CX)” is the #1 reason to implement automated speech technology and with good reason. There is no better source of understanding each customer’s intent and employee responses than accurate rendering and analysis of spoken words.

In this panel webinar, we will discuss these results and why CX is the number 1 use case. Our panel will also discuss how CX companies are using current voice technology to really understand their customers and what the future holds for voice and CX.  Our panel includes Dan Miller, Sr. Researcher of Opus Research, Shadi Baqleh, COO of Deepgram, and Amy Brown, CEO of Authenticx.

You will also learn...

  • Why CX is the top use case for voice technology
  • What expected ROI you will see from implementing voice technology
  • What customer insights you will gain from using voice in your CX strategy

Live on Tuesday, January 25

11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7 PM GMT

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Dan Miller

Founder & Senior Researcher

Opus Research

Shadi Baqleh

Chief Operating Officer


Amy Brown

Chief Executive Officer