How to create accessible and compliant hybrid classroom environments

Wed., August 3, 2022

@10AM PT | 1PM ET | 5PM GMT

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Deepgram & Habitat Learn

COVID was a disruptor to almost every major industry, but one of the most notable is education and the widespread adoption of e-learning solutions. And it’s only just the beginning. According to a recent report on the state of the industry, the North American e-learning market generated 94 billion dollars in revenue in 2021, and the global market is anticipated to grow 14% between now and 2027. One of the major factors driving this growth is digital transformation across the industry.

In this webinar, we will sit down with Habitat Learn to better understand how they’re improving the gaps with in-class and remote learning and creating more accessibility through a range of solutions from live classroom captioning to class note summaries and analytics. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the technologies needed to power these innovative solutions that we’ve come to rely so heavily upon.

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  • How to improve accessibility for in-class and remote learners
  • Technologies that close the hybrid learning gap
  • New capabilities of AI speech recognition for education

Live on: Aug, 3

@ 10AM PT | 1PM ET | 5PM GMT

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Dan Goerz


Habitat Learn

Sam Zegas

VP, Operations