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Future of AI and Voice Technology

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Future of AI and Voice Technology

Consumers began widely accepting and adopting voice technology in the 2010s with the emergence of Alexa, Google and Siri voice assistance. At the same time, companies began adding voice technology into their company product suite to better support customers and employees. As voice technology has evolved over the past decade in particular, we are moving past command and response (Siri, Alexa, etc.) into more sophisticated use cases including conversational AI, call intelligence, real-time sales enablement, entertainment, and community safety. This panel discussion will highlight the innovative startups leading this resurgence of voice technology.

During the panel discussion moderated by April Joyner, VC/Startups correspondent from Business Insider, special guests from the Deepgram Startup Program and Zachary DeWitt, Partner at Wing Venture Capital will discuss the important role that voice will play in our future, and the steps they are taking to improve voice for the enterprise.

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Meet the Speakers

Terry Chen

VP of Audio


Joe Wilson

Head of Product


April Joyner

VC / Startups Correspondent

Business Insider

Zachary DeWitt


Wing Venture Capital