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Evolution of Voicebots
From Command and Control to Human-like Conversations

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Featuring Elerian AI, Uniphore, & Valyant AI

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The Evolution of Voicebots

Talking to a smart device has become commonplace and a part of everyday life for many. Around ninety million homes now have a smart speaker, and 500 million use Apple’s virtual assistant (Siri). However, these short command and control applications are very different from the real conversations you would have with a human agent. So how do you go from simple voicebots to real conversational voicebots?

Watch this panel discussion with experts from Elerian AI, Uniphore, and Valyant AI to learn about the evolution and technology needs of conversational voicebots.  Learn how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) has progressed to allow more human-like conversations with machines. 

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn...

  • How to go from command and control voicebots to conversational voicebots
  • How Natural Language Understanding (NLU) has evolved to enable human-like conversations
  • How to identify when a voicebot is better than a human agent

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Al Lindsay


Elerian AI
Previously led the development of "Amazon Alexa"

Dion Millson


Elerian AI

Jason Curran

Head of Engineering

Valyant AI

Patrick Ehlen

VP of AI