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Delivering Business Value with Automated Speech Recognition

Presented by Opus Research + Deepgram

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Delivering Business Value with Automated Speech Recognition

A recent Opus Research global survey found businesses view speech recognition technologies used to capture, transcribe and analyze conversations as an emerging business opportunity. The survey of 400 decision-makers across 8 industries centered on current and planned uses of “automated speech recognition” technologies, specifically "speech-to-text conversion" deployed in conjunction with natural language understanding or speech analytics. Learn how businesses are deriving value from Automatic Speech Recognition.

In this session, you will learn...

  • How to combine voice recognition with search, commerce, and automation
  • Why implementations are largely use case driven
  • How ASR is redefining the “voice of the customer”

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Dan Miller

Lead Analyst & Founder

Opus Research

Derek Top

Research Director

Opus Research

Shadi Baqleh