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Voice is the Next Interface for All Companies

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Voice is the Next Interface for All Companies

As the pandemic raced across the U.S., in-person experiences became largely impossible, upending all internal and external business interactions and placing emphasis on touch-less interactions. A year and a half later, voice technology, including conferencing platforms and improved call center technology, has emerged as a way for businesses and customers to stay connected and better understand each other through the voice data produced.

During this panel moderated by Dan Miller at Opus Research, Shadi Baqleh, Chief Operating Officer at Deepgram, Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Red Box,Venky B, Founder & CEO at Plivo, and Ted McKenna, SVP of Research and Innovation at Tethr will discuss the untapped potential hidden within voice data and how to successfully implement voice interfaces moving forward.

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Meet the Speakers

Pete Ellis

Chief Product Officer

Red Box

Shadi Baqleh

Chief Operating Officer


Ted McKenna

SVP, Research and Innovation


Venky B



Dan Miller

Lead Analyst & Founder

Opus Research