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Building voice products with the Whisper API: tools, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid

Wednesday, April 12 @ 11 AM PT


Last year, OpenAI released Whisper, an open-source speech recognition model that allows users to transcribe audio into text. Since then there has been an increased appetite to integrate speech recognition into products from developers and corporate teams alike. As a result, OpenAI recently made the Whisper model available via an API. If your application relies on speech recognition or natural language understanding (NLU), you’ve probably questioned whether it’s worth spinning up internal resources to deploy open-source software, or whether it’s easier to use an off-the-shelf speech recognition solution.

In this webinar, we will answer those questions and more, and showcase how to build a voice application with Whisper. Register below to join us!

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  How the Whisper model works
  How to build a voice application with Whisper
  Key considerations for building with Whisper

Live on: Wednesday, April 12 @ 11 AM PT


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Meet the Speakers

Mask Group2
Andrew Seagraves
VP of Research, Deepgram
Mask Group
Jose Francisco
ML Developer Advocate, Deepgram

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