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Action Plan for ASR – Applications for Conversational Intelligence

Presented by Opus Research + Deepgram

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Action Plan for ASR

It is clear that for most enterprise companies, ASR is not a "new" technology, and the value it provides and available use cases will only continue to grow. Watch this on-demand webinar with Opus Research Analysts to learn about real-world Conversational intelligence applications in the enterprise. Get insights on how to audit your technology to remain competitive and understand where you may be falling short when it comes to using ASR. 

Dive into these topics and more...

  • Findings from our 2021 State of ASR Report
  • Real-world implementations for conversational intelligence
  • How ASR fills known gaps

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Dan Miller

Lead Analyst & Founder

Opus Research

Derek Top

Research Director

Opus Research

Scott Stephenson

CEO, Co-Founder